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Aims to be a welcoming, friendly, inclusive, and supportive marketplace, providing an opportunity for small businesses, community groups and individuals to connect with their customers.

Terms and Conditions

Code of Conduct

We are here to enjoy ourselves, please our customers, make a little money, and support each other in doing that.

Laughter and music are encouraged and disruptive behaviour, which interferes with the rights or selling opportunities of others, is not.

The market is a family event and offensive language or behaviours have no place here.

Any serious misconduct or illegal acts may result in dismissal from the market and/or cancellation of registration.


Bookings should be made on the website, and via email or Facebook.

Site allocation will be made by the Market Organiser based on preferences expressed and availability.

Regular Stall-holders may re-book their preferred spots. Bookings will be confirmed by email and may be edited.

Bookings (and cancellations) must be made by noon Friday, the day before the market you plan to attend.

Location and Time

The MSM is held at 30-34 Union Street, Milton, on the grounds of the Tokomairiro Co-operating Parish church, from 10am - 1pm every Saturday, unless it is cancelled for some unavoidable reason.


Before having a stall at the Milton Saturday Market, the Registration form must be completed on the MSM website. By registering and making a booking the Stall-holder agrees to abide by these terms and conditions.

Site Allocation & General Use

The Stall-holder must operate within the boundaries of their allocated stall site.

All signs, props, equipment etc, must be limited to the allocated space and must not impeded pedestrian traffic or create a visual barrier to their neighbours.

The Stall-holder must ensure that their stall is tidy, safe and free from pedestrian hazards.

The Stall-holder must not operate equipment or machinery on-site without prior approval from the Market Organiser.


There is no electric power available for stall sites.

The toilet facilities, in the building at the rear of the market, are exclusively for Stall-holders and staff use. Public toilets are only a short walk away for customers.


The owner of the property where the market is held is a religious organisation, not a public one, and, so as not to spread mixed messages to attendees, has put a clause in the lease “that stall owners are not obviously and egregiously in contravention of the landlord’s Christian values. An example of a stallholder acting inappropriately would be the sale of tarot cards or new age material etc. Were such to occur the [market organiser] would prevent the stallholder from continuing to trade in future weeks until the issue is resolved with the landlord”.

Stall-holders who don't agree to respect this request are not welcome at this market. This means no stalls with “witchery” written all over them, natural sciences are acceptable.

Set-up & Pack-up of Your Stall

On your first market day, you will be greeted and shown to your site location. The Market Organiser will be available for any questions or advice throughout the market.

Stall set-up is from 9am – 10am and cleared up by 1.30pm.

A vehicle may be parked on Double sites but, in the interests of public safety, may not be moved between 9:45am – 1:15pm.

Stall-holders must not pack up and leave the site before the advertised market close time unless agreed to by the Market Organiser.

During the Market

We have a lovely site, please look after it. Animals and smoking are not permitted within the market area.

The Stall-holder agrees to leave their allocated site in a clean and tidy condition, and remove their own rubbish from the marketplace. The market-waste basket and the parish wheelie bin are for customer rubbish only.

The Stall-holder is responsible for themselves and/or the behaviour of their staff and for the clean, tidy and safe presentation of their stall.

Stall-holders are welcome to give out flyers, samples etc from their stall but must not walk around the market giving out information.


It is the responsibility of the Stall-holder to hold current trading licences, including food safety and hygiene, as appropriate. Information about the current regulations is available on Clutha District Council and Ministry of Primary Industries websites.

Indemnity & Insurance

The Stall-holder agrees that the Milton Saturday Market accepts no liability for the sale of the Stall-holders goods and/or services. Any claims will be the financial responsibility of the seller.

The Stall-holder is required to ensure all property and equipment is properly anchored in the interests of public, stall-holder and staff safety. Any claims will be the financial responsibility of the stall-holder.

The Stall-holder agrees that any damage caused to the footpath, carpark, building, vehicles or another Stall-holder will be the financial responsibility of the perpetrator.

Food Handling

Stall-holders (including charities) must use safe practices in food handling, cooking and storage and comply with Clutha District Council and Ministry of Primary Industries and other relevant regulations. This includes food provided for sampling.

NO policing by MSM will be done, as individual sites have Registered and thereby agreed to abide by the regulations. Official complaints process will be via Clutha District Council, MPI or other relevant body.

Health & Safety

The Stall-holder agrees they are responsible for Health and Safety within their own site. No site may encroach on any footpath or public walkway.

All injuries or incidents, which occur at the market, no matter how small, must be advised to the Market Organiser as soon as possible.

Changes to Agreement

The MSM Organiser reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions of Trade, with appropriate prior notice in writing, and any changes will be binding by all Stall-holders.

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