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Site Map

The numbers on the map give an indication of how many sites are available outdoors and there are 12 new indoor sites. 

Single Site 3m x 3m -Gazebos can be pegged down.

Double Site 3m x 6m -Gazebos must be securely weighted down. (Sites 1 - 21 are all Double and may include a vehicle)

Indoor sites 2.4m x 2.4m in the Gym behind the verandah. 

Stalls may be set-up from 8.30am 

For safety reasons, vehicles within the market space may not be moved between 9:45am & 1pm


Stallholders with Single and Indoor sites must have vehicles removed from carpark before 9:30am.

There is lots of parking on Ajax St, with a short-cut on foot through the side gate. All of the main street parking must be kept free for customers (or they will not stop...)

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